Stephanie Baffone

My week off is coming to a close.

*Boo* *Hiss*

The time spent  in the salt air with my toes in the sand invigorated me. As much as I relished the time kicking back drinking homemade sangria, reading and lazing around with my husband, I’m rubbing my hands together ready to get back to some of my favorite pet projects.

As the week comes to a close, I wanted to share something with you guys that escorted me gently out of my own way.

While trekking up to the beach one afternoon, I found myself focused on how darn hot it was. I’m embarrassed to admit this but I got a little cranky.

Seriously, cranky?” You might be wondering.

“Really? Walking to the beach you got cranky???”

Yes, cranky- and that my friends is what happens when you don’t practice being mindful. You get cranky instead of awestruck. Cranky instead of grateful. Cranky instead of overwhelmed by your blessings.

That little sliver of time I blogged about earlier this week, tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Hey, wanna give us a try?”

I needed an attitude adjustment and for the duration of my short jaunt up the street to the beach, I decided to practice mindfulness- take note of things I’d never noticed before in the years I’ve been coming here. Since a picture’s worth a thousand words-I posted what I saw when I took the time to stop and notice. It was REALLY fun to look around and see what I’d missed-like playing a personal game of I Spy.

Here’s a challenge for the weekend: Be mindful-of your surroundings. Challenge yourself to notice SOMETHING in your every day environs that you never really noticed before.  Come back on Monday to tell me what caught your eye as you practiced this element of mindfulness.

Go, ahead, get going…See ya Monday!

Never noticed baby pinecones are green

Ivy meanders up the weathered posts on the sand

How nostalgic bikes parked at the beach look



  1. Lisahgolden says:

    I love the idea of being mindful. I have to practice it more. This is a great opportunity for me – I just moved my office space to the basement. There are all kinds of new things to notice here!

    • SBaffone says:

      Hi Lisa,
      It was great to “see” you again!

      Notice away-I’d love to hear what caught your eye. Isn’t is something that the tools we need to settle our little selves down are forever sitting there waiting for us shouting, “Pice me! Pick me!”
      Have fun noticing!

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